Very hot and exciting stories !!

اذهب الى الأسفل

Very hot and exciting stories !!

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Very hot and exciting stories !!
My story with marital happiness:
I was married and I have 27 years; I was the first 3 years very jealous, and when my times were talking to me or with another man I was harassed; to the point of sick suspicion.
I was always looking at my wife, maybe in women less beautiful, intelligent and even feminine; I watched every time with my friends as pornographic viewers; once I saw a strange scene and stopped me, a man in full dress and sitting in a chair by the bed. Watching a man and a woman practicing sex .. I asked some of my friends what is the interpretation of that scene ?! My friend told me that the man her husband is enjoying watching his wife having sex with another) .... very surprised !!
I said to my friend: Perhaps because they do not like each other; he said: on the contrary, but because they love each other real love, no suspicion or doubts; they have a high degree of confidence in each other; they are happy with his happiness and listen to his pleasure and taste Baltth and so.
I was surprised when I was married to 3 years and I did not find that pleasure before! ! .. There was a weak pleasure sometimes; but it was not so at all ....... I began to imagine between myself and myself and think how to communicate with my wife? I wanted to tell her that she had changed radically; that I loved her; I was happy with her happiness; I would not think about the rest of my life; She began to free herself from those restrictions that distort our lives and hold our breaths. A large screen has been put in our room for romance, dance and sex; And I loved him, and I enjoyed the looks of admiration I am sure that I love her and trust her, and that I only want her to respect the openness and mutual understanding with love and love.
On that night I had sex with the girl, and my girlfriend, a very big and hard-hearted couple, did not get fed up with it. Full of sexual intercourse (nic) and it descends semen and continues in the niqab for several times ...))
And the surprise is that she immediately replied, "My age, I responded, without any deviousness or intelligence from me. She told me that it is sweet, delicious and ordinary for you; I am so; the matter is just a fantasy." And we always imagine that we are with a man whom she admires. And I began to see her throwing the semen like the man completely sheds on her thighs and I sense it and drink every moya descend from it and go down one night in her vagina (kasha) and a ball in her anus (her) and once on her nostrils and a hole in her mouth or the butt of her ass.
The important thing is that we are sexually changing and we believe that understanding sex and enjoying sex is the center of understanding and enjoyment in life.
I started to feel that my wife was enjoying it very much; she started to enjoy the intercourse and was very shaken when she called me in the name of a relative named "Talal", which means intercourse when she called me "and I was very happy and exchanged the same feelings, pleasure and passion. But I want another horse, not of your mind, but of your knowledge, your satisfaction, and your desire.
And sometimes she was with the rudeness; she said: What is in my lover's mind if Najib (Talal) until the day came and asked me to bring her to him the truth and I at that moment trembled joy and pleasure and passion and love for her and happiness and generosity and preferred for my happiness and pleasure.
Here, I worked in a special relationship with the man. He was an artist, a young man and a wonderful Czech. He came to visit me and then my wife sat with us in an attractive and tempting way; and with the fun and the dancing, we were dancing together, so all the barriers were broken and we applied all of our imagination to each other and we were happy with each other. Trust, love and loyalty .. Praise be to Allah. Peace be upon you.

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